Rapier acts as a central hub, simplifying the complex process of entering the UK right-hand drive market for Chinese vehicles. This eliminates the need for multiple intermediaries, reducing confusion and ensuring a smoother transition.

By providing a focused and limited product offering, Rapier helps Chinese manufacturers control costs associated with inventory, marketing, and distribution. This strategy aligns with market research and demand, ensuring efficient use of resources.

Rapier streamlines the ordering and purchasing process, allowing dealers to make deposits with orders. This approach enables the grouping of orders to fill containers efficiently, optimising shipping costs and reducing the overall logistics expenses

Rapier ensures quality control through third-party pre-dispatch inspections (SGS) of cars before packing into containers at the factory. This step enhances the credibility of Chinese vehicles in the UK market, addressing concerns about manufacturing standards

Rapier takes charge of the entire logistics chain, managing shipping from the Chinese port of dispatch to the UK port of entry. The company handles export and import documentation, customs clearance, and container unloading at the distribution centre, simplifying the complex import process

The Rapier solution includes a thorough vehicle inspection at the distribution centre before cars are sent to dealers. This ensures that only high-quality vehicles reach the market, building trust among consumers and dealers

Rapier acts as a facilitator for dealer finance documentation sign-off and the transfer of funds. This expedites the financial aspect of the transaction, reducing delays and facilitating a seamless process for both manufacturers and dealers

Rapier handles the transportation and distribution of cars to individual dealers, ensuring timely and efficient delivery. This centralized approach minimizes logistical challenges and enhances overall supply chain efficiency

Offering a single point of contact for warranty issues, Rapier simplifies the resolution process. Additionally, the company manages the distribution of spare parts, ensuring a reliable and streamlined supply chain to support dealers and maintain customer satisfaction.