Rapier’s official website serves as the linchpin of its marketing operation, seamlessly integrating various components to create a cohesive and effective strategy. From dealer management and pricing policies to affiliate marketing and fleet sales, the website’s multifaceted functionalities contribute to Rapier’s market presence and success. As the digital face of Rapier, the website not only generates leads but also fosters strong relationships with dealers, agents, and customers, solidifying Rapier’s position as a leader in the industry.

The website acts as the nucleus of Rapier’s marketing operation, overseeing and promoting all dealers uniformly. It plays a pivotal role in setting pricing policies for every product, ensuring equal promotion across the board. This centralisation enables streamlined management and consistency in the representation of Rapier’s products.

To amplify its reach, Rapier’s website is seamlessly linked to the Google Ads program and other media solutions. This integration enhances both direct and passive selling capabilities, generating leads that are actively managed by dealers and sales agents. The website serves as a powerful tool to drive targeted traffic and engage potential customers through various online channels.

The AMA program is a pivotal component of Rapier’s online strategy. This program generates sales leads that are registered by Rapier. The leads are then distributed to the appropriate dealer or agent in the local area. The AMA program, designed to incentivize agents for successful sales, ensures a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship between Rapier and its affiliates.

Recognising the significance of fleet sales to companies and hire firms, Rapier’s website is strategically positioned to competitively price and manage these sales directly in-house. The delivery and aftercare service for fleet sales are seamlessly coordinated through Rapier’s extensive dealer network, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient process.

Complementing the front-end marketing activities, Rapier’s website boasts a robust back-of-house function. This function facilitates service centres in ordering spare parts through an appointed specialist parts distribution company. This company, known for its exemplary track record, maintains stocks and utilises sophisticated self-order software to guarantee the availability of spare and replacement parts within 24 hours. This ensures a seamless supply chain for Rapier’s service centres, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.